John Doe #1 and John Doe #2, don’t stink up my comments threads with your personal feud again. You both have your own blogs.

This is a universal rule, not just directed at you two guys. Everyone be warned: anyone who stinks up my comments will be deleted.

Update: John Doe #1 is reminded that he’s on the visiting team and that the world is, in general, unfair. When it comes to insults and jive, he can expect to be held to a stricter standard than the home team.

Update #2: Once you’ve seriously rankled my ass, your comments are thereafter subject to being rewritten or censored by me from time to time. When I want content-free insults, I make my own.

Update #3: if you like it here, and if I like having you here, then you might be here.

This is Trollblog all right, but trolls are solitary, unfriendly, vicious creatures.


4 Responses to “Comments Policy”

  1. 5150 Says:

    Asking trolls not to “stink up” comments is about like saying don’t troll–sort of the equivalent of asking hypocritical, corporate, suburban liberal swine not to be…….. hypocritical, corporate, suburban liberal swine.

    Anyway, I agreed with Gabby re the Zizek Show–better entertainment than the usual emasculated populist democrat, or PMS-ridden dyke-moralist whine fest

  2. John Emerson Says:

    Try to figure out what I mean, and then quit stinking up the comments.

    I’ll be deleting more aggressively in the future. If you are having trouble figuring out what the problem is, you’ll probably end up being automatically deleted.

  3. John Emerson Says:

    Spamming comes after deletion.

    Nothing in your last heap of comments was on topic.

  4. I could not find your email and thought this was as good a place to let you know about the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity at the University of North Texas. I am not a spam egine. . Check us out. The director just co-wrote this piece with one of our fellows: I really like what you are doing here. Feel free to chunk this note since it is in the wrong section. Thanks. Keith Wayne Brown, CSID Programs Manager.

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