Liberals and centrists need to figure out* that a significant conservative block WANTS pain and WANTS inequality and thinks that they are intrinsically good, godly, natural things and that without them the world is a worse place.

And that they are willing to harm the economy and even reduce their own absolute wealth in order to get the pain and inequality they want. (Though they plan to increase their relative wealth). After 1900 some Southern leaders knew that the steps they were taking to protect white supremacy came at the cost of continued underdevelopment, and they supported white supremacy anyway.

Beyond that, liberals and moderates need to know that some conservatives are long shot gamblers, not utility maximizers, and that they are willing to take big, rationally unjustifiable chances. Dick Cheney is a recent example. The Hunt Brothers trying to corner the precious metals market is a historic example.

*Figure of speech here. They won’t figure it out.