It wasn’t liberals who didn’t vote in 2010. It was the new Democrats who Obama suckered with empty slogans and then betrayed. No hope, no change. In Justice, Foreign Policy, and Defense Obama has continued Bush’s policies. His environmental policies and economic policies are almost as bad.

Before the 2010 election, when Obama should have been telling people why they had to vote for Democrats, he was talking bipartisanship and begging on his knees for the Republicans to be nice to him —  the same Republicans whose main goal was to destroy his Presidency.  Until about three  months ago he was not concerned about unemployment, even though the economists and hippies had been shouting in his ear about the problem for two years. It’s almost impossible to win a Presidential election when unemployment is 8%-9%.

Mainstream Democrats are no good for anything but making excuses and blaming others. They can’t beat the Republicans, but they can and do beat the liberals and the Democratic constituencies. Now they seem to have decided that you can win an election by insulting voters. (Actually, they probably don’t think that. They probably know that Obama can’t win and are just getting ready to shift the blame).

The hippie-bashing Democrats have to try to straighten out their man in the White House, because he’s sure not listening to us hippies. Something has to change there. It’s funny how he’s the only one who isn’t being pushed.