People read the WSJ editorial page because it supports their political agenda or because they’re dupes.

Our adversaries are not making gross intellectual errors. They are spreading disinformation in the service of a retrograde political agenda. To all intents and purposes they’ve won, and we should be preparing ourselves for survival the new neoliberal world.

Academics, especially economists but including political scientists, have developed models of society within which political action is either epiphenomenal, imaginary, and unreal, or else bad, harmful, irrational, and destructive. Academics have extraordinary power within the Democratic Party and among liberals, and as a result, liberal Democrats are unable to recognize politics when it bites them on the ass — much less do politics themselves. If a liberal ever tries to do something politically effective, the rest of them mob him and peck him to death.

90% of all Political Science PhDs are Democrats, whereas Karl Rove had one undergrad year at a third-rate school.  Isn’t there a lesson there?

Yeah, I’m a conspiracy theorist (and a populist know-nothing). I have failed to realize that there is no such thing as a “political agent”. We know that events really just emerge from the pluralist welter of conflicting purposes. And I’m not being charitable toward the vicious, lying, Mellonist, neo-Confederate neoliberals who have won the game. Camus, Gandhi, Orwell, Niebuhr and Jesus would rebuke me. Hofstadter, Shils, and Bell would sneer at me. We know that consensus reigns, and that there are no classes and no class conflict, and that everyone who says otherwise is  a Nazi or a Communist.

This has been like watching an ad hoc, scattered hodgepodge of tribal militias battling the concerted efforts of an imperial power. The Republicans have been trying to destroy the New Deal ever since 1932, and it’s now a fait accompli.


Liberals don’t act like conservatives and while we might certainly engage in our share of group-think, the standards of evidence are much higher on our side.