People used to say that the media weren’t really right wing, but were just sucking up to Bush because they worship power and success. But if that were true, we should be seeing them sucking up to Obama and the Democrats now. They aren’t. Instead,  what we’re seeing on TV these days is more of the same:  President McCain, and President Boehner, and President Lindsey Graham, and President Snowe, and President Gingrich, and a couple of dozen other Republican Presidents. The slant has scarcely changed at all.

One of the reasons I gave up on America is the feebleness of the  Democratic and liberal response to the increasingly conservative slant of the media. We’re long past the time when it made sense to be  surprised by anything they do, and we should understand by now that they know what they’re doing and  are going to keep on doing it. Squeals of rage about their egregious dishonesty, incompetence, and nastiness just make them laugh.

CNN just hired the loathsome Erick Erickson and Steve Benen dutifully went through the  drill, but that isn’t news.  It’s a dog-bites-man story.  Seven or eight years ago I hoped that media criticism on the web would lead to improvements, but it didn’t happen. Instead, things are getting worse.

Liberals love “shit happens” / “quagmire” / “shades of grey” explanations of events, and they call people like me conspiracy theorists, but liberals are jellified morons. Corporations are run top down, management manages, and right now management likes what it sees. The media have chosen sides, and it’s not our side.

At this point we should either be thinking about how to create new media, or else we should be asking ourselves what we’ll have to do to win in the face of a determinedly hostile media.  We shouldn’t waste any more time expressing surprise and indignation whenever a media organization does the same thing one more time.

As for the things that we should be doing, I don’t really see much energy going into developing progressive major media, and since I seriously doubt that we can win against the media we now have,  I think that we should be considering the possibility that we’ve just plain lost.

I don’t know why I bother. Charlie Brown will always be Charlie Brown. For me politics is apparently an incurable disease, highly debilitating but not actually fatal.