Alan Grayson is what the Democrats needed more of:

Representative Alan Grayson calls ’em as he sees ’em and he doesn’t see the Republicans in a favorable light.  But it looks like he may have a pretty easy election because even though he’s a Democrat he may win the Republican primary in Florida’s 8th Congressional District.

In the poll, Grayson won the support of 27.8% of registered Republicans. None of Grayson’s 13 opponents scored higher than 3.7%. Their combined performance was only 14.5%. The remaining 57.7% of registered Republicans were undecided.

It’s probably too late, though. Grayson is just one guy, and because of corruption, miseducation, and bad character,  most Democratic pros would rather lose as mercenary centrists than win as populists. (Josh Micah Marshall’s crew predictably used Grayson as the Democratic crazy to balance their list of Republican crazies.)

Furthermore, a big chunk of the Democratic electorate wets their pants every time they hear someone like Grayson talk, and not in a good way. He doesn’t turn them on, he terrifies them, and what they say is  “I’d rather lose than win that way.”

Yes, I’ve really heard Democrats say that, and more than once. Their wish for defeat is often briefly satisfied, but they always want more.

As for me, I’m preparing myself for post-democracy. But if we’d had more Graysons  I probably wouldn’t have to be doing that.

(Another installment of my intermittent post-political grumbling series, which will probably continue)