Even if an atheist Senator did it, I doubt that this would be regarded as civil. But these motherfuckers really believe in the power of prayer. They’re seriously trying to kill him.

I say that we treat them the way we’d treat a Muslim who tried to kill a U. S. Senator: first, waterboarding to get information about other members of the conspiracy, and then solitary confinement for the duration.

If you try to shoot someone with an unloaded gun, that’s attempted murder if you thought the gun was loaded. Because Coburn, Bachmann, Brownback, and Demint are delusional, they’re guilty of attempted murder. Murder by God.

An insanity plea is their only hope.

P.S. Robert Byrd, I mean, not Harry (1887-1966). I’m not in the Audubon Society, for Christ’s sake. They all look the same to me. (Corrected).