Free-marketers are utopian optimists about the market and technological progress, but apocalyptic pessimists about social and political action.

Unsurprisingly, many free-market economic models leave out society and government entirely, as though they were epiphenomenal and derivative.

Also unsurprisingly, free-market economists analyze society and government as though they were markets — most egregiously Becker on the family, but also a lot of public choice theory.

And still unsurprisingly, a lot of freemarketers wish that government, and to a lesser extent society, would just go away, since what they really are is just defective, distorted, inefficient markets. (Though the wiser ones acknowledge that in this fallen world these archaic survivals retain some residual function.)

However,  whenever the market fails freemarketers blame individual or group psychology, society, or the state.  (To my knowledge, free-market economists do not blame the family for anything, but if more of them were gay or single I bet they would.)